"Thank you for your help during some of the darkest days in my life. Your kind and gentle way of guiding me through the healing process and explaining what I may experience and how to understand it all truly is a blessing. I am grateful for the opportunity. It has helped immensely on my journey to wellness."

"I have worked with Andra on multiple occasions for a variety of issues, and always come away with valuable information, or a new perspective, or a much-needed energy shift. Having her in my corner makes life feel more manageable."

"The work you've done on me changed my life! Thank you from my soul to yours for the healing work!!! With my heart filled with gratitude I say Thanks."

"In her quiet, honest, respectful way, Andra seems like a Dream Catcher herself - a filigree of bone and air, a channel for subtle energies, without imposing her own inclinations, wishes or needs on you or on the process. I came away with such a sense of joyful freedom, direction and empowerment from both our healing sessions - so much to work with. Thank you, Andra!"

"Thank you for the soul retrieval. I feel like things have come together. I am more willing to listen to people rather than turn away. I also have more confidence in myself."

"I just wanted to share with you that my radanics person continues to find that my heart is well and he is amazed by this and has never seen such a healing in such a short time before. I thank you once again for your shamanic healing powers."

"I wanted to be sure you knew how much I appreciated these past weeks and the journeys and the grace and peace in which you've coached me! I am thankful for you and pray your circle of those who get to learn from you continues to grow and grow!"