Spiritual Healing


Many of the things that cause us to suffer have their roots at the spiritual level, whereas most often we only see their manifestation at the mental, emotional, and/or physical level. Spiritual Healing works to address issues at a deep level, at the level of consciousness where they can often be resolved permanently.

Andra addresses three main areas in healing sessions:

  • restoring what has been lost or is no longer integrated

  • removing negative energies or influences that no longer serve or are causing problems

  • retrieving information to help with problem-solving and decision-making

Andra uses time-tested methods of healing based in shamanism, sound healing, and yoga to help clients restore the balance and harmony to their lives that is their birthright. 

To learn more or schedule your own Spiritual Healing session, please click on the Preliminary Assessment button below. When Andra receives payment, she will contact you to set an appointment for an assessment of your particular situation. This is a chance for both of us to learn more and to see if working together would be a good fit. If you decide to go ahead, your first healing session will be discounted by the cost of the Preliminary Assessment.