Shamanic Journey Training

Empowering You For Your Life Journey

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Shamanic Journey for Personal Growth & Healing

Learn basic core shamanic journey skills that will empower you to retrieve answers to important life questions for yourself.

The core shamanic journey is a practice that has been shared by all cultures world-wide, throughout time. This technique can be used by anyone to obtain information about themselves to help with personal problem-solving, getting help with decision-making, obtaining life guidance, asking for personal healing, and more.

In this class we will cover background information about core shamanism. You will be guided to perform at least three shamanic journeys in a supportive group setting, and will be invited to share your experiences and to listen to others. The shamanic journeys will be done to the sound of a rapid drumbeat, which may invoke an altered state of consciousness, allowing you to 'journey' into a more spiritual realm. There will be time for discussion and questions after each journey.

The shamanic journey can be used by persons of any faith. You will need a bandana or other eye covering, headphones or earbuds for quality sound from your electronic device, and pen and paper. That and an open mind is all you need to begin your own adventure of discovery with this amazing technique.