Individual Coaching

Personalized Instruction At Your Own Pace

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Shamanic Journey Coaching

Andra offers personal, one-on-one shamanic coaching using principles of core shamanism, which is not specific to any one indigenous cultural tradition. Core shamanism has been practiced successfully by westerners for several decades.


In a coaching session with Andra, you can learn basic, intermediate and advanced shamanic journey skills. If you already have experience, she will help you develop your skills further. You can ask for coaching in the following areas and more:

  • obtain answers to questions about your own life

  • find solutions to problems you face

  • ask for personal healing directly from the spiritual dimension

  • seek guidance specific to your particular life situation so you are better empowered to meet your life goals

Knowing how to directly obtain personal information and healing from the spiritual dimension is a life-changing skill. My teacher Michael Harner called it "direct revelation." Regular practice of shamanic journeying is an excellent way to get to know yourself better and can even help you along your unique spiritual path.


Sound Healing Coaching

Learn how to use music and/or sound to enhance your spiritual life, bring your mind and body into harmony, and simply to relax and enjoy. 


If you already work with music or sound, and would like to offer healing for others, it is recommended to have some training first. Sound and music are more powerful than most realize, and it is helpful to know some basic guidelines for working with people who are ill. 


Andra has been working with both sound and music since 2002, when she spontaneously began to hear certain musical notes while performing energy healing for clients. When she reproduced the notes with her voice, clients reported significant shifts in their energy flow. Since then she has completed training with highly-respected teachers and programs, including The Music for Healing and Transition Program, Jonathan Goldman's Healing Sounds Intensive, and Therese-Schroeder-Sheker's Comtemplative Musicianship Program. 


Andra has provided therapeutic music at the bedside for patients at Hospice of the Black Hills and Rapid City Regional Hospital in Rapid City, South Dakota. That, in addition to her decades of helping clients using sound and music in her private healing practice, gives her a rich depth of experience to draw from in teaching and coaching others. Additionally, she has successfully taught small group classes in principles of sound healing in Rapid City, South Dakota and Los Angeles, California. New to the Atlanta area, she is excited about offering individual coaching and classes here as well.  This service is available remotely as well as in the Atlanta, Georgia area of the United States. 


Beginning Your Harp Journey

Learn the basics of playing folk, or lever harp. Andra will help you begin your harp journey with proper technique and learning new songs by ear and written music.