This 4-week course will help you begin a deep, consistent and sustainable practice or reinvigorate an existing one.


Topics include:

• Getting the Body Comfortable

• Relaxing the Mind

• Practical Hints for Meditation

• Yogananda's Energization Exercises

• The Breath/Mind/Energy Connection

• The Scientific Meditation Technique of Paramhansa Yogananda

• Overcoming Obstacles, Changing Habits

• Dealing with the Monkey Mind

• The Art of Meditation: Expansion

• Bringing Meditation Into Daily Life

• Developing Intuition

• What To Do If Practices Fall Away For A While

• Resources For Continued Inspiration


The class will be held online via the Zoom app. It meets four consecutive Saturdays. Please see class listing on Home page for exact dates and times.


Cost is $99 and includes the text, Lessons in Meditation by Jyotish Novak. 

(No one will be turned away for lack of funds; please contact Andra if you would like to discuss a possible alternate arrangement).


Teacher is Andra Denslow. Andra is a skilled teacher and long time meditator who has been teaching meditation since 2004. She is a certified Meditation and Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (RYT500).


Some comments from former class participants:

• "This can change your life - with grace."

• "Very supportive, calming, reassuring. The gentleness - an oasis in the week. Thank you! Such loving ease into a wonderful experience."

• "[My daughter and I] are leaving no stone unturned as we pursue all strategies to overcome anxiety and depression and keep it at bay. Every class seemed to be just what the doctor ordered. Your gentle and sensitive manner that honored and respected everyone was what we liked best about the class. I could so identify with your global spiritual view. So appreciated your wisdom and experience. God bless you and your work!"

• "Great information on how to make this a habit."

• "[Your class] has re-inspired me to begin to meditate again on a regular basis. I liked the gentle, non-judgmental nature you share during class. You are very patient."

• "The presentation was very professional, well-organized, and respectful of individual needs. Thank you for the ability to find peace and insight."

• Andra eases us into meditation slowly by giving us realistic/simple goals that get longer each week. Thank you so very much!"

• "Thank you, Andra, for your wonderful spirit and for imparting your expertise about yoga and meditation. I really appreciate your guidance!"

• "Peaceful energy and clear instruction."

• "Most meditations are guided. This silent technique is less distracting."

Lessons in Meditation Four-Week Course