This class will briefly touch on these topics:

• Why meditate?

• What is meditation?

• What are the benefits of meditation?

• How often, how long should I meditate?

• How do I get my body relaxed?

• My mind is always wandering - is there anything I can do about that?

• Experience a short breath awareness meditation exercise


This introductory course is an opportunity to learn a little more about meditation. If you think perhaps you want to start meditating, or if you already have a practice that you would like to step up a bit, this class is for you!


Added Benefit! 

If you take this class and then enroll in the 4-week Lessons in Meditation course, you will receive a discount equal to the price of this class! Lessons in Meditation teaches you a time-tested meditation technique and goes into great detail into how to establish and maintain a successful meditation class. Instead of paying $99 for the 4-week course, you will pay only $74.


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One-Hour Introduction to Meditation