What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual Healing is a term I use to describe healing that works at the spiritual level, and which also often brings positive changes to the other levels of being as well: physical, mental and emotional.

The ancient sages of India have long taught that in order for lasting change to happen in our lives, we need to change the underlying state of consciousness that created disease or unhealthy patterns in the first place. Western medicine achieves excellent results in many cases where diagnosis and medication are needed. It primarily addresses the physical level. Modern psychotherapy is very good at helping us deal with issues that present at the mental and emotional level. However, sometimes issues need to be addressed at a deeper, spiritual level, in order to effect lasting change or healing.

To explain, I'll use the example of a serious illness I had 30 years ago. Thanks to Western medicine, I received excellent treatment that was not easy, but it did put the disease into what the doctors called remission. I also saw a mental health counselor that helped me work through the mental and emotional issues related to the illness. Both of those were an important and necessary part of the healing process for me.

But that wasn't the whole picture. The spiritual level was left unaddressed until I sought out complementary modes of healing. At the time I received energy healing, shamanic healing, sound healing, and importantly, I also began to meditate. My experience taught me that spiritual healing, when used in tandem with modern medicine and psychotherapy, carried the benefits of all modalities to a much deeper level, to the point where I felt truly healed. I experienced lasting changes in the way I think, feel, and experience life, because my consciousness actually changed at the deepest level. In my case, the illness never returned.

Now it is my honor and privilege to offer the same service to others. I am so grateful that my training enables me to help people create lives with deeper meaning, balance, and harmony, which is one way that I define healing.

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