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Healing vs Curing

Updated: May 9

Sometimes we hear people talk about healing disease, and other times curing. What is the difference and why does it matter? I can only say what the different words mean to me, and then of course leave it to you to use them as you wish.

I use the word “heal” to describe a return to wholeness, balance, acceptance, and peace. To me, it is separate from whether there has been a cure; a person may experience deep healing and yet not recover from their illness. To me, curing is of the physical body, whereas healing refers to mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It is of the spirit. Fortunately, when the underlying spiritual issues are addressed, healing frequently occurs at the physical level as well.

I had a dear friend who had three different types of cancer, yet whenever anyone asked how her health was, she replied with a cheerful smile, “Great! Except for the cancers!” And she was sincere. She used the years during her battle with the diseases to grow spiritually, to the point where she was at peace with her life as it was, and also with her death when the time came. Her radiant joy and grace affected everyone around her as well, so that she became an instrument of healing for her friends and family. Thank you for teaching all of us who loved you, Cecilia!

In my healing practice, I focus on helping people heal the spirit, and leave the question of curing in the hands of their Higher Power, who sees the whole picture and knows what is right and needed. My prayer for loved ones is, “Please heal them in whatever way is for their highest good.”

May you be safe, be happy, be healthy, and live with ease. 💜

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